Tips for men

Many men give lingerie to their partners these days. We provide you with some golden tips, as to make your present a perfect surprise.

Tip 1: The size

Find out the size of her favorite bra on the label in order to make it a real surprise.

The size of a bra consists of a figure and a letter.

  • the figure matches the girth under her breast
  • the letter matches the depth of the cup.

Tip 2: Style

The size is not enough, the style is definitely as important as the size!

There are different styles of bras.

Balconnet Balconnet:
A deeper cut bra, which enhances breats and makes the low neckline more provocative
Bra with preformed cups Bra with preformed cups:
A bra with seamless cups, it is invisible under close-fitting clothes
Wire bra Wire Bra:
Bra with stiched wire, which supports and gives a slight push-up effect
Push-up Push-up:
Balconet bra with wire, which pushes breasts upwards in order to create a magnificent d├ęcolletage.
Bra with detachable straps Bra with detachable straps:
Bra with detachable braces, for dresses without sholder straps.
Corsage Corsage:
A top with boning down to the waistline with detachable straps. This bra is mainly worn under evening dress or wedding dress.
Bra without wire Bra without wire:
A simple bra, which is less upholding
Bra shirt Bra shirt:
Shirt with stiched-in bra

To pick the right model, observe her taste of clothing. Does she like to ware deep decolletes? Does she prefer a tight fit or rather something more casual?

Tip 3: The color

Bra Colors

Have a look in her drawers, and you'll quickly find out what her favorite colors are.

Tip 4: The gift certificate

Still in doubt after reading these tips? Then you might prefer a gift certificate. This will be packed by Lingerie Valentijn in an attractive manner.