Hoe lingerie onderhouden?

Lingerie is fijn en delicaat en vraagt om een zachte behandeling, met welke factoren moet u rekening houden om lingerie te onderhouden?


Maximum was temperatuurHet getal geeft de maximum temperatuur van het water in graden Celsius voor de wasmachine.
HandwasEnkel handwas.
Milde was behandelingMildere behandeling nodig.
Niet wassenNiet wassen.


Drogen in droogtrommelDrogen in droogtrommel.
Niet in de droogtrommel drogenNiet in de droogtrommel drogen.


Chloorbleekmiddel gebruikenChloorbleekmiddel is geoorloofd.
Geen chloorbleekmiddel gebruikenChloorbleekmiddel is niet geoorloofd.


Warm, niet te heet strijkenWarm, niet te heet strijken.
Matig heet strijkenMatig heet strijken.
Heet strijkenHeet strijken.
Niet strijkenNiet strijken.


Het opbergen in de la is eveneens belangrijk, zorg ervoor dat de beugels niet kunnen plooien en de cups niet vervormen.


Rinse the bikini or swimsuit by hand in cold water. This will help to remove any residue of sweat, sun lotion, chlorine and seawater.

Do not leave your swimwear wet and rolled-up in your beach bag.

Since bright colours might fade in time just like every other type of colourful clothes it is to be recommended to leave your swimwear to dry in the shade instead of the sun. This can help to slow down the discoloration process.


Wash your swimwear on a regular basis by hand in cold or lukewarm water (up to 30 degrees Celsius), using a neutral detergent.

Rinse the swimwear, but never twist or wring it. If you prefer to machine wash your swimwear, be sure to set your washing machine on the hand wash cycle and to put the swimwear in a washing bag for extra protection.


Dry your swimwear in the drier or on the radiator.

Iron your swimwear.

Use fabric soft ener, bleach or woolens products.

Soak your swimwear for too long in soapy water.

Wash your hair with shampoo while wearing your swimsuit.

Soak your swimwear in vinegar.


Contact with sunscreen products, because they can leave stains.

Contact with rough surfaces and slides, for it will wear out your swimwear more rapidly.

Wearing swimwear in Jacuzzis. The chemical products may corrode the swimwear fabric.

Wearing swimwear in the sauna or solarium.