Questions about online orders (w.r.t. covid-19)

Can I still receive my order?

Yes, our courier will still deliver parcels. They follow governmental recommendations and take hygienic precautions to prevent further spreading of the corona virus

How long will it take my parcel to be delivered?

Our parcels will take longer to be delivered. We're hoping they reach you in time, but take into account that our delivery will not be as fast as usual.

How will my parcel be delivered?

We try very hard to get your package delivered as usual. But take into account possible delays. More information can be found on the website of our courier

Questions about your order

Can I change the size?

Yes, send us a quick e-mail at

How can I trace my parcel?

When we ship your order you will be notified by bpost by e-mail. It will contain the link to track your order

Can I change the quantities of my order?

No, you can't change the quantities of your order once committed into the order process. It's however possible to cancel your order at any time. However, you can change a size or color of an item in your order. Just send us an e-mail

Where can I find my invoice?

We add the invoice of your order to your parcel

I didn't receive a confirmation mail.

Maybe it got into your spambox or was denied delivery by a filter. In any case, send us an email and we'll gladly send you a copy of your orderform. If the payment went through you can rest assured that we've received your order.

Questions about your payment

The payment failed, what should I do?

You can order again and choose a different payment method. Or would you rather wire-transfer the money using your own banking app? Since we've already received your order, we can send you your orderform.. Send us an email and we'll provide you with the details. You can then use your own banking app to transfer the money (IBAN BE78 0016 2073 3186). Your parcel will be sent from the moment we receive your transfer.

How long does a refund take?

We request the refund from the moment the returned parcel receives us in mint condition. The processing of the refund can take some days and depends on the payment method you chose. If you'd like you can contact us, we'll then send you your credit note in advance

Can I pay using e-mail?

No, we only accepts payments trough our website or via bank transfer. We do this for everyone's security and will never ask you to pay any extra's via a link over e-email

Are there any additional costs?

No, we will never ask you to pay any extra's over e-mail

Questions about lingerie

Are molded bras always padded?

No, preshaped or molded refers to the fabric of the outer layer of the bra. This fabric is molded into a cup shape so that no seams are required. As opposed to a bra that is not molded and consists of several pieces of fabric which are stiched together and do have seams. People sometimes refer to "preshaped" to mean padded as well. It's possible that a preshaped or molded bra has padding, but that's not always the case.