General Terms and Conditions

Welcome at Lingerie Valentijn! We would like to make sure our customer relations are as good as possible. We appreciate the trust you put in our business and will uphold the highest standard serving the customer. It's important that we establish a customer relation in where both parties know what to expect. The general terms and conditions will clarify the legalities. By accessing you inheritly comply to these terms.

  1. Our business is located in Merchtem, Korte Ridderstraat number 11. Subscribed in H.R.B. with number 506.918.
  2. Unless agreed otherwise by official writing, our customer relations are subject to the general terms and conditions which are expected to be accepted by the customer, also when these are in not compliant with the demands or conditions of the customer. The fact that these conditions are not available in the mother tongue of the customer, does not mean they don't apply. These conditions are available worldwide. Customers not residing in Belgium should know that some of these conditions might not apply to them due to local legalities, which does not invalidate our terms and conditions. We uphold the right to change our general terms without prior notification. Changes in these terms does not make the customer eligable for refunds of any kind. The customer thus, must agree to the current terms.
  3. All products that are offered online, are described as accurate as possible. Our offers and prices are valid from the day they are published on the website. And retain their validity from the moment you place your order. All prices are VAT included with exclusion of transport costs, unless otherwise specified. We can not be held accountable for (printing) errors on our website.
  4. Orders can be places by usage of our online system or by phone +32 (0)52/37.15.82 (note that we speak dutch, please use written forms of communication in other languages). Orders placed with wire transfer option can be payed for by usage of our account number, shown in the final step of your order.
  5. You can print an order ticket at the end of your order by printing the webpage in the final step of your order. Goods are only deliverable after we receive payment.
  6. Our products are delivered worldwide. Unless extreme conditions (for example: the weather) occur, you'll receive your products within 14 calendar days. Any delays will not make the customer eligable for refunds or damage claims. You'll be notified of any delays. The costs of your order are displayed when you order.
  7. Noting we sell goods as merchant. We restrict the guarantee of the delivered goods to the guarantee applied by our supplier.
  8. We are not accountable for loss, material damage or any other damage a customer or 3th party might experience occuring from transport, delivery and stock. By which we mean any damage to but not restricted to: material, place, loss, physical damage, data and software owned by the customer or 3th party.
  9. Our site contains links to external websites. The customer accepts that we can not be held accountable for the content on these external sites.
  10. The sale and delivery of goods do not transfer intellectual property rights to the buyer of the goods. These rights remain exclusive to our shop, and the customer agrees to not violate these terms. We state that the sale and delivery of these goods do not infridge 3th party copyrights. Under no circumstances can we be held accountable should there arrise a claim (concerning, but not limited to copyrights, intellectual property rights, accountability) concerning these goods.
  11. Concerning the sale of goods to consumers by means of remote order which are applicable by the law of July 14th 1991, annotated by the law of May 25th 1999, makes the consumer eligable for refunds without extra fees or motive, within 14 calendar days, counting from the day the product was delivered. The consumer has the right to notify the company that he declines the purchase, without penalty and without giving a reason in 14 calandar days from the day following the delivery of the goods or the conclusion of the service agreement. A good customer relation is very important, hence we offer our customers 14 (calendar) days in which he can make a refund claim. You can return or exchange within 14 days by Lingerie Valentijn. This period commences on the day after receiving the product. It is important that the product is complete and in original wrapper. Products that are damaged or incomplete are not eligible for exchange or refund. If you use your right of withdrawal, you can send the product by return with all accessories and in original condition and packaging with an invoice copy, according to the instructions provided by us. The customer can also swap the goods in our shop for something similar, in which case we require the original invoice By "customer" or "consumer" we mean: every person who buys these goods for personal, and not professional use.
  12. By ordering through the online system or telephone, the customer implicitly agrees we use his personal data for internal use within our shop. By interal use, we mean: our customer database, ordering system, delivery, services, tracing of solvability, marketing and individualised commercials. The customer has the right to cancel or alter his data at any time by contacting us. For more information we refer to the public register managed by "Commissie voor Bescherming van de Persoonlijke Levenssfeer".
  13. There is no guarantee that our website will function without interruptions or errors. We do not give any guarantee that the results using our website are accurate. We will reject any damage claim occuring from the use of our website.
  14. Should one of the terms be questionable by local law or other restrictions, it shall not imply the invalidation of other terms. And will be valid as legally possible.
  15. All parties accept within the context of their relation electronic evidence (for example: email, backups, ...).
  16. Products are only delivered for consumers, orders placed by other companies will not be executed.
  17. Any disagreement concering these general terms will be exclusivly dealt with by Belgian law and exclusivly by courts of Brussels.
  18. Our shop sells fashion articles. It might be possible one of your items will be out of stock when you place the order. In that case you'll be notified after we check with our suppliers.
    • Out of stock
    • You can wait until your product arrives, or your can cancel your order.
  19. The terms and conditions can change at any time.