Our general terms and conditions


Which payment methods are accepted?
You can pay using one of the following payment methods. These are all online and are transacted over a secure connection.

Not in front of your own screen? Or would you rather just pay the old fashioned way? That's certainly possible!

Wire transfer

In that case, select wire transfer. You will be able to view your order receipt on the next page in PDF format which contains all the SEPA payment details. We'll also send you a copy by e-mail. You can then pay using your own banking app at a moment of your choosing.

When is my account credited?

All online methods of payment will instantly transfer the money.

When choosing for a SEPA wire transfer, that largely depends on you of course ;-)


Are there any other details Lingerie Valentijn requires for a refund?

We already have all the necessary data to refund your order.

Should we be unable to refund you with the same method with which you payed, then we'll contact you to work out the details of how we can refund you as quickly as possible. For example by refunding directly to your bank account.

How much are the return costs

Return costs depend on size and weight of the package. At bpost a return shipment will cost about 5 € Return costs are payed for by the customer.

Unfortunately we're not big enough to also pay for return shipment. We only provide free shipment to our geographical closest customers.

When will I see the refund on my account?

Normally within 14 days. It also depends from which payment method you chose. When paying with a credit card the refunds usually are processed faster than that.

In any case, from the moment that we receive your return up until 31 days after having received the returned goods


Is there a warranty on my purchase?

Of course! The warranty is the same as with all other physical goods in Europe. You are entitled to a two year warranty period on all our lingerie.

We must admit, it's hasn't happened before that we had to exchange our products under warranty after 2 years. But, just in case you are that unlucky one that always notices defects after the exchange period has expired, rest assured, you can exchange your defect products under warranty.

Can I exchange my articles?

Yes, when under warranty you may exchange the article for another one as well.

It's possible that the shape or color you ordered will no longer be in production by then. In that case we will contact you to find a suitable alternative.


How do you ship packages?

We ship our parcels with standard shipping options using bpost.be

Depending on the country of destination you might be able to choose for an alternative courier

Can I track my shipment?

Yes, you'll receive a link which contains the necessary information.

Can I change the delivery address?

You're not at work that particular day you chose to get your package delivered there? Or maybe you would like to change the delivery altogether? We'll fix that! Contact us by e-mail or phone.