Lingerie Prima Donna Twist A La Folie


Sexy designs, fine transparent fabrics and subtle details: A la folie has it all. This flirtatious shapewear series, inspired by the corsetry of the 1950s, creates a gorgeously curvaceous silhouette. A la folie is available throughout the year in the basic colours and this winter it also comes in Skyfall, a rich blue that flatters every complexion.

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist All Night


Fabulously fine velvet, an abstract print and a cool washed look. All Night is all technical ingenuity with plenty of attitude and an excellent fit. These sets are right on trend, too, because flock is the hottest ticket in town. Gimme! The bras and briefs are made from fine tulle with abstract flock with paisley pattern. The velvet is very fine and does not stick to your clothes. Strips of structured tulle on the upper cups and leg openings ensure the lingerie fits perfectly round the body.

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist Anaconda

O la la, with our Anaconda you can experience the effortless Parisian style. A glamorous picnic with your lover in a park with a view of the Eiffel Tower! It doesn't get more romantic than this!

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist Cabaret


The luxurious corsetry of the fifties inspired this seductive lingerie. Think wasp waists, feminine curves and an exciting game of hide and reveal. Cabaret immediately transforms you into a mysterious femme fatale... Sultry, stylish and very sexy! Classic lace gets a modern makeover: a smart tulle structure, large and small lace flowers and an opaque nude fabric to create a transparent effect.

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist Caramba

Sexy and hip

Lots and lots of lace in gorgeous colours – that was how Caramba won hearts a few seasons ago. This autumn the fabulously feminine lingerie sets come in a flattering winter look in deep brown Chocolat. Feminine, luxurious and the pink bow with the animal print adds a trendy twist.

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist Coco

Trendy, young and eclectic: that is the London spirit! De go-to city for fashion trends, architecture, and the arts.Series with its structured details and smoothness. Go on! Take a selfie for Instagram!

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist Flower Shadow

Floral prints

Big, small, colourful or black and white. Floral prints remain hot this summer... and we looove them! Capture the sun in your lingerie drawer with the Flower Shadow sets. Playful and feminine, with a dash of Chanel chic. The bras and briefs are made from a fine fabric printed with a digital flower print that is as detailed as a photo. The plain fabric on the cups and waist slims down the silhouette.

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist French Kiss


From the catwalk to your lingerie drawer, lace is everywhere. These sexy sets are the must-haves of the autumn. Lace in trendy colours, sensual retro designs and an original sporty touch. French Kiss is the ultimate mix of fashion, seduction and the best support for your breasts.

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist Guilty Pleasure

Very trendy smooth leather look. Sexiness and style!

NEW Colors
Smooth lingerie with a comfortable fit and a seductive look. The styles have a fifties feel about them – think: briefs that go up even higher and bras with feminine retro wings – the fabric with leather look, the transparent tulle and the hip decoration are 100% on trend. Sexy lingerie you really can wear under anything.

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist Happiness

Retro and a vintage feel

The Happiness series lives up to its name. Lingerie redolent of this season's catwalk trends: geometric forms, happy colours and a vintage feel. Because women with a bigger cup deserve refreshing, youthful lingerie too. Summer must-have White comes with a playful glossy look and feminine lace.

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist Honey

Fashionable mesh with a sporty look.

Fashionable, sporty, sensual: Honey has it all. The elegant mesh motif creates a subtly sheer and super-flattering neckline and silhouette. The soft fabric is invisible under clothing.

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist I Do

Hip nineties vintage with oversized lace pattern.

NEW Colors
White and soft pastels, smooth fabrics, lots of lace… You can almost hear the wedding bells. And fans of sexy lingerie cut low on the back and under the arms are sure to say I Do. Because that cool nineties look is much too nice to hide under your clothing. Lashings of lace in oversized patterns and wide satin ties: vintage lingerie with the hip factor turned up.

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist I Want You


There’s sexy lingerie and then there’s I Want You. A transparent fabric with a cheerful rainbow print, lace borders, zippers... Here, the bondage trend is never far away, but, even so, these sets are stylish and cute. If you’re not a fan of transparent cups, you can choose from two bras with opaque padded cups and seductive tattoo tulle at the back. Very trendy and sensual. Lingerie that will make your mouth water... and turn you on just a little bit.

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist Love

trendy quote

A trendy quote, cute crosses, and sexy tulle. This bra is airy and youthful and offers excellent support. With love, from PrimaDonna.

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist Muse


Talking of girl power... what about these sets with their sexy GI Jane camouflage look? Refined lace and feminine tulle in flattering army tints and a leather-look fringe that adds a playful twist. An irresistible mix of tough and gorgeously feminine.

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist Must Have


Smooth, hip lingerie you can wear under absolutely anything? This must-have - what's in a name? - is just what you need. Cool print, flattering trendy colours, smart details on the straps and totally seamless. Simply stellar! The bras and briefs are made from an oh so soft fabric without any seams. Firm tulle lining or preformed foam give the breasts the very best support.

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist Only You

Sexy and hip

Stripes are totally on trend this year again. So you just got to have these Only You sets! Sexy and hip, because the bras look transparent, but they cover the breasts completely. Shh, that's our little secret... The sets are made from a firm knitted fabric. They seem to be transparent but nude fabric completely covers your breasts and your bottom.

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist Parisian Night


An evening stroll along the Seine, surrounded by thousands of twinkling lights… That is the feeling you get from the warm golden colours of these sets. Flattering lingerie with a big dollop of romance!

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist Rainforest

Camouflage trend

The camouflage trend is everywhere this summer. Nice and tough - and PrimaDonna gives it a girlish twist. Fine lace print, flirtatious lace borders and fuchsia butterflies that rest nonchalantly on your straps. A trendy look and firm support for sexy ladies! All sets are made from an exceptionally fine fabric printed with a lace print in camouflage colours. The lace on the cups and the briefs is exceptionally thin and does not pinch.

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist Safari

The styles also feature subtle skin-tone animal prints and delicate tulle.

Stylish animal prints subtle skin tones sound like the perfect ingredients for stunning summer lingerie! Trendy, cheeky, and invisible under fitted tops and airy summer dresses. Sultry detail: the smooth briefs feature lashings of delicate tulle for a feminine and seductive look!

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist Take A Bow

Ultralight lace with a Moulin Rouge design.

Looking for super-feminine lingerie for every day? Look no further! These lace sets with romantic Moulin Rouge design are extremely comfortable and feature an impeccable lace finish. The bras give you feminine cleavage and the sexy lace briefs guarantee a legendary fit. In short: this lingerie flatters your curves!

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist Tonight

Een pittige look én een comfortabele pasvorm? De setjes van Tonight hebben het allemaal. Fijn fluweel met een sexy netkousmotief, strookjes transparante tule en een dieprode kleur. Tonight is your night…

Are you looking for a seductive look with a comfortable fit? The Tonight sets have it all. Made from soft velvet with a sexy fishnet motif, sheer tulle panels, and a deep red colour. Tonight is your night…

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist Tresor

Modern and trendy

Tresor presents a modern mix of trendy lace and oh so soft microfibre to create a smart but exceptionally feminine look. The elastic lace closely hugs the body, ensuring an optimal fit too. Beauty and comfort, Tresor has it all Tresor is available year-round in sparkling White and soft Natural. This winter it also comes in classy Black, the shortest route to a stylish look in the party season.

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist Tropical


You see them everywhere, including the catwalks: animal prints in all possible colours and patterns. Fabulously trendy and a touch provocative - so perfect for this sexy lingerie! Just look at those sets with their exotic leopard pattern, including tropical colour and cute silver foliage. Smart detail: the smooth briefs are finished with fine pieces of tulle. Feminine and seductive. All sets are made from fine, smooth fabric with an animal print and silver accents.

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist Tutti Frutti

Bright stripes in trendy 90s colours.

Candy coloured stripes and white tulle: Tutti Frutti is the perfect way to ring in summer! The sets are a sunny nod to the 90s and have an impeccable fit. This trendy, smooth, and stunning lingerie looks great under all your summer outfits!

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist Twisted

Light and refined

Twisted is sexy lingerie with a graphical look and a smooth feel in two irresistible colours. The hip mesh creates bumper cleavage, but still covers the breasts completely. And check out those shoulder straps with that fine border. So light and refined... The mesh border is in Spanish lace, made from a special traditional bobbin lace technique. The nude tulle or padding under it makes the fabric look totally transparent.

Lingerie Prima Donna Twist Wild Rose

Elegant lace flowers and sexy Betty Boop trim.

Wild Rose was aptly named for the enchanting lace flowers in stunning summer colours. The delicate trim along the neckline and bum create a sexy Betty Boop look. Romantic with a trendy, retro touch.