Lingerie Prima Donna Swim Biloba


Exotic flowers, exuberant colours... Biloba gets you dreaming of tropical gardens and palm trees that rustle in the breeze. A Mediterranean summer feel. The beachwear fabric with Exotic Night print is lined with a fabric in the same colour as the piping. That ensures your bikini or swimsuit remains opaque in the water. The caftan and pareu are made from a light fabric that does not crease.

Lingerie Prima Donna Swim California

Swimwear and beachwear with cool denim and stripes.

Find a terrace, go for a swim, and end the day with a pool party: California's West Coast lifestyle calls for the perfect beach look. Casual stripes, denim, and cool tops that you can wear as a bikini or summer outerwear. California love...

Lingerie Prima Donna Swim Canyon

Clean cuts and captivating colours.

Are you a fan of the minimal look with a stylish twist? If so, this swimwear collection is for you. Clean cuts, decorative spaghetti straps, stylish fabrics, and metallic details for the finishing touch. Less is more!

Lingerie Prima Donna Swim Cocktail

Body-shaping swimwear with elegant ruching and a comfortable fit.

NEW Colors
Cocktail is the little black dress of the PrimaDonna swimwear collection. With its gossamer ruching and outstanding fit, this swimwear is always flattering and on-trend. New this summer: the trendy triangle top, a swimsuit with crossed straps, and the chic 60's-colour Booboo Blue.

Lingerie Prima Donna Swim Freedom

Stylish swimwear with a sexy snakeskin print.

NEW Colors
Animal prints have been popular for a while, on both the street scene and at the beach. These sexy sets with their snakeskin prints are the perfect way to get on-trend. Bold? Absolutely. And extremely stylish! Just look at those clean, airy cuts. They are the definition of confidence and class!

Lingerie Prima Donna Swim Hollywood

Super-feminine retro cuts and flattering 60's prints.

Swim like a glamour model or stroll down the beach like a movie star in one of these super luxurious sets. The geometric print has a slimming effect! The warm colours and the feminine cuts are inspired by the 60's: super-flattering for your curves and very stylish.

Lingerie Prima Donna Swim India

Mix of colours

Hip psychedelic print or trendy batik pattern? India's cheerful mix of colours - pink, turquoise, fresh yellow, piping in soft salmon - is simply perfect for the summer. Peace, love and summer vibes! All sets are made from fast-drying beachwear fabric with colour print. They are lined with a bright blue fabric to ensure they remain opaque in the water.

Lingerie Prima Donna Swim Joy


Timeless but trendy? Yep, these sets cover both angles. Think plain textured fabric, contrasting piping and seams, and flattering belt elements. A touch retro, but these swimwear sets look very now. And you can choose from two beautiful colours: summery white with black piping or a flattering orange with dark blue. How to choose? Thank god it's holiday! The sets are made from a fast-drying beachwear fabric with waffle texture. The white fabric is lined to ensure it remains opaque under water. The dark piping and edges ensure sweat and sun cream do not show up and bring out your curves!

Lingerie Prima Donna Swim Kala


Cool batik pattern, playful frills, a flattering colour... It's easy to lose your heart to this hip boho look. The sets give your curves the best support too. Put on your favourite Kala set, your hippest sunhat and shades, wrap yourself in your pareu and you're all set for the summer. The beachwear fabric with piqué look really brings out the batik pattern. The long caftan and the pareu are made from elegant voile.

Lingerie Prima Donna Swim Karma

Oh so feminine

Ethnic prints are the new chic, especially when combined with bling. Oh so feminine, oh so cool - just like the Karma swimwear sets. You'll be dripping in confidence in this hip snakeskin print with golden sequins. Stylish and sexy on the beach. The beachwear fabric has a piqué look that really brings out the print. The golden stoppers on the ties at the front do not heat up in the sun. The long caftan and the pareu are made from elegant voile.

Lingerie Prima Donna Swim Latika


Latika is a series of pretty and practical beach accessories that go with all your bikinis. Casual one day, smart the next. Or switch up your colours, just because you can, because both the caftan and the dress are reversible. Gimme! The caftan is made from transparent crocheted fabric, the dress from no-crease crepe. Both fabrics are reversible and each side has a different colour

Lingerie Prima Donna Swim Love Generation

Girly army look with summery colours.

We tailored the army look by adding bright colours and sweet decorative elements. Cool, feminine, and fully beach-proof! This girly swimwear is perfect for a summer of peace and love.

Lingerie Prima Donna Swim Maya

Mix and match

Trendy jeans with crocheted tops, ethnic frocks and hip sneakers... Anyone who's even vaguely on trend is mixing and matching to their heart's content. Love that eclectic style too? Check out these swimwear sets (and accessories) with their cool crochet look: smart and totally trendy, in stylish black or flashy yellow. All sets are made from fast-drying beachwear fabric with cutaway crochet pattern. The yellow fabric is lined in the same colour, the black fabric has contrast lining in off-white.

Lingerie Prima Donna Swim Nevada

Hit the beach in style in the shimmery swimwear from the Nevada line,

featuring the wild, breathtaking colours of the desert with a dash of Vegas glamour. Nevada is known for its retro-chic, shimmery fabrics, glamorous swimwear sets, and classy beach accessories.

Lingerie Prima Donna Swim New Wave

Colourful sets inspired by 60's pop art.

Clear blue water, clear skies, and a 60's villa in candy colours. David Hockney's paintings served as the inspiration for these colourful sets in fresh, summery hues!

Lingerie Prima Donna Swim Nikita


Geometric lines are hot this summer and by cleverly combining them you will highlight your assets. Just look at Nikita's swimwear sets: feminine and fashionable, and those lines accentuate your curves. And the summery cords are simply dazzling. A mix of plain beachwear fabric and a fabric with flattering line texture. The cords are finished with decorative elements in silver, which do not het up in the sun.

Lingerie Prima Donna Swim Pacific Beach

Bikinis with a stylish Hawaiian print and lovely piping.

Shorts, flip-flops, and a Hawaiian-print bikini is all you need for a fun day at the beach. Pacific Beach is a swimwear classic with a stylish twist. The colourful print looks like a painting and the lovely piping flatters your curves. A colourful look for stylish surfer girls!

Lingerie Prima Donna Swim Palm Springs

Stylish palm frond print in bright colours.

The beach is the perfect place to rock a bright colour. The striking Palm Springs swimwear and beachwear collection features stylish palm frond prints in fuchsia, purple, and bright turquoise. A shimmery swimsuit fabric makes your California beach look complete. Its chic, stylish, and beautiful in one!

Lingerie Prima Donna Swim Pondicherry

Navy stripes

T-shirts, dresses, blouses... navy stripes are everywhere this summer. And where do they look better than at the pool or on the beach? These sets and accessories give you the full sailor look. Elegant stripes, hip piqué fabric, red piping... You're ready for the beach! The bikinis, swimsuit, dress and jumpsuit are in fast-drying beachwear fabric with piqué look. The silver stoppers do not heat up in the sun.

Lingerie Prima Donna Swim Pop

Back to the 60's with polka dots and retro bows!

This look is characterized by oversized sunglasses, hairbands, and feminine shapes. This swimwear line will transport you back to the swinging sixties in the form of retro polka dots, oversized bows, and sexy hourglass silhouettes. These sets are to die for!

Lingerie Prima Donna Swim Road Trip

Arty all-orver print swimsuit fabric with a stylish print feature solid-coloured piping at the hips and adjustable ties for the perfect fit! A print like an abstract painting, Blue Print is a unique mix of white, khaki, and flattering dark-blue.

Lingerie Prima Donna Swim Santa Barbara

Stylish lace accessories in four colours.

Swimwear, flip-flops, and a stylish beach outfit is all you need for a great summer day. These lace accessories fit perfectly with all PrimaDonna swimwear sets and are sure to flatter your curves.

Lingerie Prima Donna Swim Sherry

Summery stripes for a fun beach look.

NEW Colors
Sherry became an instant classic thanks to its flattering textured lines, playful details, and outstanding fit. This summer, the swimwear line will get a stylish makeover with a fresh beach print and a new gem. Trendy and fabulously flattering for all skin tones!

Lingerie Prima Donna Swim Sunset Love

Super deluxe

The beauty of a golden red sunset on the beach translated as super deluxe swimwear sets with gorgeous print. Sunset Love is a real looker with oodles of class. And what about that warm mix of colours? Trendy and very flattering for every skin type! Three bikini tops and bottoms in fast-drying beachwear fabric with gorgeous colour print. The light pareu and summer caftan are made from an elegant, no-crease voile. The golden stoppers do not heat up in the sun.

Lingerie Prima Donna Swim Vegas

Sexy snakeskin print and hippie-chic colours for a stylish look.

Over the top and stylish at the same time? Only Vegas could marry the two so beautifully. Sexy snakeskin print, psychedelic colours, and accessories that wouldn’t look out of place at the Burning Man festival – this is hippie-chic with style.

Lingerie Prima Donna Swim Venice

Swimwear with a timeless wave print in a stylish colour.

Trendy cuts, comfy fits, timeless wave print, and a stylish colour: Venice is a swimwear line that travels well and always flatters your curves.