Lingerie Prima Donna Alara

Ultralight lingerie in sheer fabric with chic all-over embroidery.

Looking for elegant lingerie with great support for your curves? Alara, our most recent stayer series, offers the sexiness and support you need. The pre-formed cups lift your breasts and the sheer fabric and all-over embroidery create a super-luxurious look. This lingerie is wonderfully light and comfortable under your favourite summer outfits!

Lingerie Prima Donna Allegra

Trendy tweed print with elegant floral embroidery.

NEW Colors
Allegra combines a trendy tweed print with super feminine floral embroidery. Timeless elegance with an original twist. Another reason to love it: the clever position of the tweed pattern gives you a slimmer silhouette. A must-have this summer.

Lingerie Prima Donna By Night

Sexy femme fatale look

By Night's sexy lingerie and loungewear gives your confidence an instant boost. When you pull on one of the seductive silk dresses with gorgeous lace you feel like an irresistible femme fatale. Or why not treat yourself to a lingerie set in lace and transparent tulle. Such a tease! Pure luxury for your feminine curves - sexy! Summer Blue is on all the catwalks this summer, Malva Ash is a chic nude with black lace and Crème with black lace is a seductive lingerie classic.

Lingerie Prima Donna Chandelier

Trendy and sensual

Interior design, catwalks, your wardrobe: luxurious fabrics are everywhere this autumn. Next stop – your lingerie drawer. Chandelier follows the trend with sets in glossy satin and an ornate embroidery design with a subtle sparkle. Trendy, sensual and very chic!

Lingerie Prima Donna Couture

Elastic lace and structure tulle with corsetry motif give Couture a surprising vintage look.

The Couture series offers you flair, comfort and a nostalgic corsetry look. The surprising combination of elastic lace and structure tulle with a graphical pattern creates a stylish, fresh retro look. This series also includes a full range of shapewear.

Lingerie Prima Donna Crystal


Very fine transparent lace with lots of details; the hottest lingerie trend at the moment. Been dreaming of a sexy lace set that gives your large breasts perfect support? This lingerie in Leavers lace ticks all the boxes. So fine, so many gorgeous details and yet so firm. Treat yourself to pure luxury! All bras are made from real Leavers lace in black and off-white, lined with nude tulle. The lace briefs are lined with an opaque fabric in a nude tint.

Lingerie Prima Donna Deauville

Timeless elegance and an exceptional fit for women with curves.

NEW Colors
Deauville has been the best-selling PrimaDonna series for years, and its many adoring fans know why: a legendary fit, exceptional comfort, and a timeless look that flatters women of all ages. The ultimate PrimaDonna bra has been given a makeover this season in stylish red!

Lingerie Prima Donna Delight

Romantic embroidered roses with an elegant lace look.

NEW Colors
Luxurious fit, seductive lace, and romantic embroidered roses: this best-seller has it all. This season, Delight will seduce and entice in timeless black in the form of a winter lingerie must-have!

Lingerie Prima Donna Divine

Sexy lace lingerie and smooth sets with an outstanding fit.

Light, sheer, and supportive at the same time. Divine's pre-formed lace bra offers the best of both worlds: seduction and comfort. This stylish and feminine lingerie is perfect for women with a larger cup size.

Lingerie Prima Donna Dolce Vita

Sexy look.

If you could design lingerie exuding Italian flair and finesse it would look like Dolce Vita. Naturally sensual, fiery and glamorous. The concept: abstract flowers in bright colours on a nude tattoo tulle. The look: in a word, irresistible. This season you are seduction personified in Lipstick, a trendy bright red.

Lingerie Prima Donna Eternal

All-time favourite

You could consider this refreshing series to be Deauville's younger sister. Just like that all-time favourite, the fit is perfect and the design is all style and elegance. What about a stylish combination of subtly glossy embroidery and a plain structured fabric? Or a flirtatious tie with a single sparkling Swarovski bead? Lingerie with a long shelf life and lots of pizzazz! NEW: EXTRA THIN EMBROIDERY Fresh flower embroidery in fine mat and sparkling sequins. Trendy and invisible under summer tops FINE STRUCTURED FABRIC The opaque fabric is fine but firm and the raised dots camouflage minor imperfections. THE SAME FIT AS DEAUVILLE Fits perfectly, even if you have 'difficult' breasts.

Lingerie Prima Donna Every Woman

New York, the place where multicultural life an example is. Home of world's biggest stars! With Every Woman collection you feel like a super star!

Lingerie Prima Donna Fireworks

Colourful, exuberant and fabulously luxurious

Fresh lingerie with embroidery that glitters like a sparkler? It must be Fireworks. Colourful, exuberant and fabulously luxurious: these sets are the ideal choice for the festive season! But that outstanding fit makes them so comfortable that you could wear them every day.

Lingerie Prima Donna Forever

Embroidery and fabris produced by the finest craftsmanship. Rich embroidery with a vintage handmade feel. he source of inspriration is crochet and lace produced by hand. It is beautifully soft and pure but rich in detail. The embroidery has just a touch of Lurex in the fabric.

Lingerie Prima Donna Golden Dreams


Fan of luxurious lingerie in deep warm tints? Golden Dreams gives you the look you have always dreamed of: sensual, feminine and très chic. But there's more: the fine copper threads that bring out your feminine curves so well. Summery and luxurious! Rich claret embroidery framed with a very fine copper thread. New: very fine copper studs are embroidered in the piping.

Lingerie Prima Donna Lotus

The subtle, shimmery embroidery and printed fabric creates a slim silhouette.

NEW Colors
Flower petals adorn the neckline and the delicate print creates a slimmer silhouette. Lotus flatters your curves with timeless cuts and elegant details. Super-feminine and comfortable at the same time.

Lingerie Prima Donna Madam Butterfly


If you love fashionable floral print you're going to fall big-time for Madam Butterfly's colourful lingerie. A gorgeous voile with a tone-on-tone print, elegant, colourful embroidery and stylised details create a young, irresistible look. Sexy and festive! The bras are in fine voile, printed with an elegant tone-on-tone print and lined to firm it up. The briefs are adorned with the multi-coloured embroidery butterfly at the back

Lingerie Prima Donna Madison

Combination of playful checks and sexy lace. Unique fit!

NEW Colors
Try Madison once and you immediately get why this series has so many fans. The unique fit – with lace that fits perfectly round your body – gives full breasts all the support they need. And the playful checks cannot fail to put a smile on your face.

Lingerie Prima Donna Meadow


Some lingerie sets are so beautiful and so comfortable that you'd prefer to wear them every day. Like Meadow, a new series with romantic wild flowers in dreamy pastels. A light and flattering spring look, providing firm uplift. Combination of embroidery on a tulle foundation and a fabulously soft fabric with satin look, printed with fine flowers. The cups are lined to give more support.

Lingerie Prima Donna Perle


Perle is shapewear in its purest form: simple lines,seamlessfinish and smooth afbrics. Timeless comfort that no lingerie drawer can dowithout.

Lingerie Prima Donna Plume

Light print fabric and elegant embroidery with a youthful look.

NEW Colors
The embroidery is as light and elegant as feathers fluttering in the wind. The print looks light and feels incredibly soft. Plume certainly lives up to its name. Feminine lingerie with a fresh, youthful look and an outstanding fit in the large cups.

Lingerie Prima Donna Promise

Luxurious lingerie with romantic lace flowers. Sophisticated and flattering!

Soft hues, delicate lace flowers, flattering pearly shine, and lovely lace: Promise is pure luxury and sensuality. Stunning summer lingerie with a super-feminine lace look.

Lingerie Prima Donna Ray Of Light

Fashionable look

Ray of Light is totally on trend with its embroidered all-over pattern. Lace piping and fresh tone-on-tone tints complete the fashionable look. Romantic lingerie with extra oomph!

Lingerie Prima Donna Sambal

Sambal is the ultimate figure-fixing lingerie for every breast type, with a firm comfortable fit and a graceful look.

Eternal embroidery, firm fabrics and a smart silhouette. Sambal is all about maximum comfort and superior support, but with attention for elegance too. The ideal series for women looking for the ultimate figure-fixing lingerie with a firm fit and a graceful look.

Lingerie Prima Donna Satin

Simplicity with a twist: Satin is a bestseller

Satin has been a bestseller for more than 15 years. What makes this series so comfortable? The light but firm fabric and the superior tailoring, which creates a natural, curvaceous bust.

Lingerie Prima Donna Summer


An explosion of colour, sun and summer vibes... Summer is an exuberant ode to your favourite season. Vivid contrasting colours, playful embroidery and a sparkling glossy look. A fabulously trendy, cheerful look for women that like to go for maximum colour. Classic embroidery with a trendy twist on a tulle foundation. The three-section bra and deep-plunge bra are lined; the balcony bra is semi-transparent.

Lingerie Prima Donna Waterlily

Sophisticated lingerie with a stylish embroidered pattern.

Looking for sophisticated and stylish lingerie with impeccable support? Waterlily has the look and the support you need: sturdy cups with a modern embroidered design, straps with decorative flowers, and super-sexy cuts. These sets are to die for!