Prima Donna Eternal

All-time favourite
You could consider this refreshing series to be Deauville's younger sister. Just like that all-time favourite, the fit is perfect and the design is all style and elegance. What about a stylish combination of subtly glossy embroidery and a plain structured fabric? Or a flirtatious tie with a single sparkling Swarovski bead? Lingerie with a long shelf life and lots of pazzazz! New: Extra thin embroidery: Fresh flower embroidery in fine mat and sparkling sequins. Trendy and invisible. Fine structured fabric: The opaque fabric is fine but firm and the raised dots camouflage minor imperfections. The same fit as Deauville: Fits perfectly, even if you have 'difficult' breasts.
Prima Donna Eternal Natural
Prima Donna Eternal Patine
Prima Donna Eternal Prima Donna Eternal Prima Donna Eternal
Prima Donna Eternal
066-2830 Thong
066-2830 Thong (€ 35.90 −50% € 17.95)