Lingerie Marie-Jo Agatha

Fragile and refined

Agatha draws the finest flowers and leafs on your skin. Fragile, refined and oh so classy. This series exudes pure luxury. Making you an artistic body of work!

Lingerie Marie-Jo Avero

Did you know that on average one Avero is sold every minute? Try it on yourself!

NEW Colors
Avero is Marie Jo's top brand. Designed in a whimsical shade of light pink, this is the perfect colour to match your summer glow. The daisy-shaped shoulder straps are the pinnacle of elegance with a subtle shimmer.

Lingerie Marie-Jo Axelle


Luxuriant flower motifs never go out of style! Axelle's romantic lace and cute floral print look stylish and exceptionally alluring. Gimme! Good news for fans of luxurious refinement and a sense of comfort: Marie Jo has chosen Leavers lace, a sumptuous variety made in accordance with a centuries-old process.

Lingerie Marie-Jo Bella

Luxury and finesse

Bella exudes luxury and finesse. Can you resist this luxuriant lingerie with Leavers lace, tone-on-tone embroidery and fine golden accents? Love at first sight!

Lingerie Marie-Jo Blossom


Japanese blossoms inspire the catwalks. The Marie Jo designers present their own take on this trend. Blossom is an ode to the delicate beauty of flowers. Fine Italian lace and superior Swiss embroidery make this series so irresistible.

Lingerie Marie-Jo Caro


Typical Marie Jo with a luxurious touch Caro has everything a woman could need: comfort, elegance and a modern look. The mix of refined Leavers lace and tulle with plissé creates a very feminine look. The subtle shoulder straps with adjustable gem complete the picture.

Lingerie Marie-Jo Charlize

Tough and subtle

Fine Leavers lace, tough studs and subtle skin tones: the ingredients of Charlize's success. But there's more: the smart tie. Charlize mixes and matches the most popular Marie Jo bra styles with the most seductive briefs. Romantic, sensual or a little bit retro? You are sure to find a set to suit you.

Lingerie Marie-Jo Dahlia

Dahlia is pure poetry with its mysterious lace and elegant floral embroidery in trendy summer colours.

NEW Colors
The Marie Jo design studio is inspired by the opulent floral patterns seen on the catwalks: poetic, sophisticated, and ultra-feminine. Dahlia combines the very best lace with embroidered floral patterns. Simply irresistible!

Lingerie Marie-Jo Eirin

With its delicate polka dot design and sophisticated French embroidery, Eirin is delightfully cheeky. Luxury meets sensuality.

This series conquered many women's hearts in no time. Erin comines ultricatly fine broderie with sophisticated lace. Pure romance and entincement... Black is forever chique.

Lingerie Marie-Jo Erika

Refined Calais lace. Lavish details. A fashionable look. Erika is this autumn’s must-have.

NEW Colors
Erika is this autumn’s star attraction. Let yourself be whisked away by pure French flair with elegant Calais lace, stylish ties and subtle Swarovski crystals.

Lingerie Marie-Jo Ester

Hip floral pattern

Ester weaves embroidery and lace into an original look. The hip floral pattern fits perfectly into the trend for 3D effects and structured fabrics. Gorgeously fashionable, beautifully elegant!

Lingerie Marie-Jo Fleur


Pure romance and elegance. Fleur wins hearts with a subtle delicate flower design in lace, finished with a matching frill and satin elements. In Fleur the Marie Jo design studio combines the finest Calais lace with the highest-grade glossy fabric from Liebaert's Belgian studio. Only the best...

Lingerie Marie-Jo Francoise

Lingerie is so much more than just a piece of fabric... Discover the power and passion of Françoise!

Elegant lace, a flirty, fashionable colour, and a stylish bow with a pearl: these are the elements that have made Françoise a success. In this lingerie you can’t help but feel confident and beautiful 24/7. A real must-have!

Lingerie Marie-Jo Gala

Gala exudes pure luxury with its sophisticated Leavers lace.

If you’re a fan of luxury lingerie with opulent lace, then the Gala series is your dream come true. With a hint of vintage and a whole lot of romance!

Lingerie Marie-Jo Helena

Mysterious, chic and seductive.

Helena mixes French Leavers lace with fine floral embroidery: utterly refined! Be sure to note the details, such as the fine spaghetti straps with floral embroidery and the elegant tie. The updated mix of vanilla yellow and pale pink is exceptionally summery and hip. Night blue is a rich lingerie colour that suits numerous skin types. A stylish alternative to black.

Lingerie Marie-Jo Jane


NEW Colors
Romantic and seductive... Who can resist Jane's refined floral embroidery with glossy pearl necklace? Jane is a basic series with a wide choice of bras and briefs you can mix and match. Jane's functional and seductive styles make it a series that transcends the seasons. All fits are now available in Jane's basic colours.

Lingerie Marie-Jo Kirsten

Ingetogen mooi: zo zou je Kirsten het best kunnen omschrijven. Blikvangers zijn de fijne broderie met glanzend garen en de gesofisticeerde Leaverskant. Voor ladies met stijl...

Understated beauty: that’s probably the best way to describe Kirsten. The fine embroidery in glossy threads and the sophisticated Leavers lace steal the show. For ladies with style...

Lingerie Marie-Jo Lily

Sexy black

Lily combines floral embroidery with superior French Leavers lace. Lilly is simply gorgeous in sexy black with subtle glitter effect. A graphical Calais lace and the finest floral embroidery from an Austrian studio: the ingredients that make Lily so refined and so seductive. Gimme!

Lingerie Marie-Jo Liza


Like a feminine, delicate look? Then you'll love Liza with its refined couture look. Luxurious lace and embroidery with a trendy palette. Lingerie for strong, confident women who are secure enough to show off their delicate side. Lisa's fine glossy fabric is made in Italy. The accessories, including top, shorts and dress, are made from washed silk. A soft, sublime fabric that exudes pure luxury.

Lingerie Marie-Jo Madelon

Madelon entices with opulent Italian lace and subtle floral embroidery. Simply irresistible!

Opulent Italian lace and elegant floral embroidery is all Madelon needs to conquer your heart. Lingerie with a touch of romance and sensuality!

Lingerie Marie-Jo Mai

Gorgeous fit

Mai has everything you could want in lingerie: superior comfort, a dreamy playful look, gorgeous fit. The perfect lingerie for confident ladies... Mai goes for an original Japanese lace that is very fine and elastic. The romantic blossoms subtly segue into a graphical pattern that looks almost like an animal print. The glossy microfibre is made in Belgium.

Lingerie Marie-Jo Nori

Romance and sensuality

Nori exudes class with that elegant lace border. For those who love a tinge of romance and sensuality... Nori turns heads with a narrow French Leavers lace incorporating a fine honeycomb structure. Subtle and sensual!

Lingerie Marie-Jo Pearl

Timeless class… Pearl is delicate, feminine and oh so elegant.

NEW Colors
The Marie Jo designers are very aware that lingerie is so much more than fabric and the promise of support and comfort. Pearl is refined, delicate, feminine... but powerful too.

Lingerie Marie-Jo Precious


Precious combines abundant lace with fine embroidery and elegant pearls... lingerie with a glittering look! The delicate French-made lace looks wonderful on the fine nude tulle. The glass pearls give the embroidery extra cachet.

Lingerie Marie-Jo Ray

For romantic souls only! Be seduced by Ray with its elegant Leavers lace and vintage embroidery.

With its pretty floral design, alluring Leavers lace, and a subtle interplay of hide and seek, Ray is delicate and feminine, yet also powerful.

Lingerie Marie-Jo Sofia

So refined! Sofia combines French Leavers lace and playful pleats.

Unadulterated style! Sofia blends romantic French Leavers lace with fine plissé.

Lingerie Marie-Jo Undertones


With this new line of modern lingerie essentials from Marie Jo you feel good and it shows! Stylised, a touch transparent and luxurious in all its simplicity. Three tints you simply have to have in your lingerie drawer: timeless Black, fresh Glossy Pink and warm Patine.

Lingerie Marie-Jo Yoko


Steely tints are hip this spring. Yoko mixes and matches the prettiest hip tints and turns heads with an elegant combination of French and Italian lace. In Yoko the Marie Jo designers combine a refined Italian lace with a stylish French Leavers lace in a contrasting tint.